The Teenage Sewer

back then they didn’t want me now i’m hot they all on me

I actually have asks in my askbox today what the fuck, leave me alone dweebs jk ily

I’m eating nuggets in the morn. Got a Mario visor in my happy meal holllaaa. Also I’m still alive and stuff,double holllaaaa.

let me flirt at you (i don’t expect you to flirt back i’m gross)

I only have like one person I hang out with and also I usually feel like I have no one to talk to wtf. I’m bad at life.

I’m in a bad mood and need attention. Someone let me be their bae for a day.

Is everyone having a good Thursday?

*thinks he sees ass on instagram*
*looks closer and its actually a leg*

droogie-boy said: I know we don't talk baby but boy you know I looove youuuuuu

All the boys be saying they love me after I post the booty. I love you too though, I’ll even answer publicly so the world can know of our love.

I’m lightweight hungover and stoned with a weird mood. Someone send me asks or something to put me in a good mood.

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